Learning Relationship Management

Fishtree combines adaptive learning with powerful analytics, content recommendation and personalization engines to create the ultimate in digital instruction. Fishtree delivers a solution to empower teachers, and engage students and parents; with the single aim - drive better learning outcomes.

We do this by allowing teachers to prepare lessons from multiple sources and modes of content, automatically aligning content to learning standards and personalizing resources for every learner. It is also easy to use, integrate and is leading the industry on user-interface design.



The Fishtree platform aligns resources, including real time media, to learning standards such as the US Common Core, and personalizes these for every learner, on any device. We make all this instantly accessible through a single experience, allowing teachers to focus on nourishing students’ minds and for students to enjoy a richer learning experience.

All resources, including content already purchased, can be included and combined with other resources. Administrators can see which content resources are effective and which are not, allowing for better resource allocation and return on investment.

Teachers can also access current assessments, build new assessments and combine these within interactive lesson plans and reports.



We identify each student’s Learning DNA by assessing their individual learning profile. Fishtree continuously adapts to reflect their individual needs, including performance, learning styles and interests. Fishtree's patent-pending technology allows teachers to create and deliver beautiful, engaging lessons every single day.

Teachers can create lessons, make formative assessments and, through powerful, real-time analytics, gain insight into every student’s progress, while personalizing resources for every learner. We do this all at the touch of a button.



Effective communication is the cornerstone of education. Fishtree delivers a unique peer to peer social media based messaging stream, allowing classes to discuss amongst each other, within the context of the content and concept being taught. Fishtree delivers an incredible one-to-one engagement mechanism between teacher and student, centered on key learning objectives, within the context of the lesson.

By strengthening the teacher-student relationship, Fishtree enables students to feel supported as they learn, providing that invaluable channel for delivering feedback.


Learning Management

We have been described as the next generation Learning Management System, and that's fine! You can still manage lessons, assignments and assessments. But Fishtree also offers a rich environment for teaching and learning with built-in powerful collaboration, recommendation and personalization engines and as an open, agile system will integrate with existing systems like LMS's, Student Information Systems, Gradebooks.

Fishtree brings together all resources and data including premium, rich content and assessments from publishers, and presents a single view for the Teacher, Student and Administrator. Our reporting engine gives real-time access to powerful analytics for all stakeholders.


Fishtree is a pioneer in technical innovation in education and we are doing it on a global basis. Culture is critical to our creativity, as well as fostering our environment of fearless learning. We are always interested in hearing from great people, people who share our motivation to change the world they live in and for the next generation.

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Interested in APIs, education, data, and massively scaling a system across five continents? As an engineer at Fishtree you will join a tight-knit team working on challenging problems that span the entire stack - from high-performance back-end services to rich front-end web apps. We ship features at pace, typically interfacing with all of the following:


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About Us

The team is made up of senior, global education technology professionals, some of the most innovative and creative executives in the industry. Yes, we build great products, but our commitment to helping change people's lives does not end there. We also focus on phenomenally simple interfaces and world class implementation. We want our customers to enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy building it.

We can align all resources available to teachers to learning standards like the Common Core, and personalize these for every learner, no matter what device they use. We make this easier to do than any other learning platform available today, allowing our teachers to focus on teaching, parents are engaged and students are learning in a colorful, rich, dynamic learning environment.

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What is Fishtree?

Fishtree is a next generation learning platform which uses content recommendation and personalization engines to help teachers teach and students learn. We call it Learning Relationship Management.


CurationBuilding a dynamic, standards aligned curriculum

Fishtree helps teachers easily find standards aligned content for their class: Open Education Resources (OER), real-time media, teacher lesson plans and premium publisher content, all in one place. Read more.


PersonalizationAdapt to every learner

Thanks to Fishtree's unique Learning DNA concept, students can learn in a way that matters to them. Depending on their profile, each student gets resources tailored to his or her learning needs. Read more.


CollaborationPeer to Peer engagement

The Fishtree social stream enables safe collaboration between students and teachers, invoked by learning experiences and focused on the key learning objectives. The unique one-to-one private communications between teacher and student are contained directly within lesson activities. Read more.


Learning Management

While Fishtree has been labeled the next generation learning platform, we still value and hold important traditional features. We have simply made them richer, easier and more fluid. Read more.

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