How do you integrate technology?

Fishtree is the ideal solution for educators working in blended, flipped or project-based learning environments. With Fishtree you can easily find interactive teaching resources including textbooks, open education resources (OER), and real-time content, align them all to a competency or a standard such as the Common Core, and adapt to each learner’s needs with one click! The platform saves educators time, while ensuring every learner is provided with a personalized learning experience.

Fishtree combines adaptive learning with powerful analytics to create the ultimate in digital instruction. We do this by providing a digital lesson planner, the most engaging resources, automatically aligning content to state standards, personalizing resources for every learner, and providing the most incredible insight into student learning through its powerful performance analytics. The system is user-friendly, and integrates easily with current infrastructures, leading the industry in user-interface design.

What do teachers want?

  1. To deliver instruction directly to students.
  2. To diagnose student learning needs.
  3. To vary the delivery method of instruction.
  4. To foster independent practice of specific skills.
  5. To tailor the learning experience to meet individual student needs.
  6. To support student collaboration and provide interactive experiences.
SOURCE: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Research

Fishtree Platform listens to teachers

  1. With our Lesson Planner teachers can create lessons and assign them to students with one click and align to any standard, skill or competency.
  2. Fishtree Performance Response gives teachers an insight into student progress and performance, and allow for intervention at the touch of a button.
  3. Fishtree is a perfect solution for teachers moving towards blended and paperless classrooms.
  4. Learning DNA helps teachers deliver tailored resources to each student.
  5. Social Stream creates a safe environment for learning and collaborative workspaces for students.
  6. Student Notes is a great tool for project-based learning, e-portfolios, self-paced learning and individual research.

Adapt to every learner

Discover each student’s specific learning needs, styles and abilities through our Learning DNA concept.

  • Adapt Resources to Student Needs.

  • Find Resources at your Grade Level.

Create engaging lessons with a few clicks

Easily build a dynamic, adaptive curriculum that integrates the most engaging resources.

  • Personalized learning.

  • Auto-Generate Teaching Resources.

  • Easily Align Lessons to CCSS and State Standards.

  • Add Your Own Resources.

  • Incorporate Multimedia with Lesson Editor.

  • Preview your Lessons before Publishing

  • Build a Course and be the Credited Author.

  • Share Lessons with Global Teacher Community.

  • Share Instructions with your Students.

  • Automatically Generate Assessments.

  • Use Engaging Quizzes for Assessments.

  • Assess with Multiple Choice, Drag&Drop and Open Ended Questions.

  • Create Multiple Classes.

  • Store all your Lessons in One Place.

  • Organize your Lessons by Class.

  • Assign Lessons with a Few Clicks.

Get access to millions of resources

Access an extensive range of resources including real-time media and resources from the web.

  • Add the Latest News to your Lessons.

  • Create Interactive Video-Based Lessons.

  • Find Safe Resources from the Web.

  • Re-use Teacher Lessons.

  • Access content at grade and reading level

Find what you need with the click of a button!

Search for interactive resources, students or your notes from one window.

  • Easily Find Resources in One Place.

  • Search for People, Notes and Resources.

  • Find Multiple Types of Content.

  • Access Standard-Aligned Resources.

Create your curriculum

Create a dynamic curriculum with interactive content and reuse resources you already have.

  • Add your Own Resources to Improve your Lessons.

  • Incorporate Media to your Lessons.

Tailor your resources

Add the most engaging content to your lessons by generating standard-aligned resources, tailored to your needs.

  • Smart Content Search.

  • Resources and Standard Alignment.

  • Adapt to reading level.

  • Adapt to grade level.

Generate new assessments

Save time with Fishtree auto-generated assessments.

  • Create Assessments with One Click.

  • Generate Assessments even from Real-Time Media.

Attend to the needs of every learner

View student progress and performance through clear, powerful analytics.

  • Track Student Progress with Fishtree Performance Response.

  • Get Instant Access to Graphic Analytics.

  • Assess Students on Standards.

  • Gain Insights to Student Learning.

  • Support One or All Students with Personalized Resources, Wherever They Need Help, With One Click.

View all analytics at a glance

Get insights into each student’s learning and remediate in one click.

  • Instant View of Your Class Performance.

  • Remediate at the Touch of a Button.

Take Notes

Create your own student and teacher notes to share and exchange with Fishtree users.

  • Take Private Teacher Notes.

  • Create Private Student Notes.

  • Share Notes with Peers.

  • Build Student ePortfolios.

Intervene at the touch of a button

Help students reach learning objectives by remediating with one click.

  • Intervene to help one or many students with the click of a button and track their ongoing progress.

  • Intervene with One Click.

Integrate technology

Make the transition to a digital learning environment easily and effectively.

  • Integrate with your current LMS.

  • Integrate with Student Information System (SIS), Gradebook or Assessment Tools.

  • Browser Support.

  • Language Support and Localization.

  • LTI Integrations.

  • Open API.

  • Multimedia Integrations.

Personalize your experience

Get comfortable using tech in the classroom with Fishtree’s user-friendly interface.

  • Teacher-Student Messaging.

  • Easy Access to all Resources and Reports.

  • Build Personalized Profile.

  • Incredible ease of use.



We personalize the learning experience to suit every student’s individual needs, we provide teachers and schools with clear views on progress and performance, and we save time creating lessons, finding engaging resources, and generating assessments. We make it easy for teachers and schools to integrate technology and to create a personalized learning environment that boosts student achievement, and empowers teachers in a whole new way.

Differentiate and Personalize

Differentiate and personalize your teaching at the click of a button.

Differentiated and personalized learning lie at the heart of what we do. While we believe in the power of personalized instruction and adapting to every learner, we also understand the difficulty of ensuring every student is challenged appropriately, and no learner gets left behind. Our system aims to make the personalization process as easy as possible. Through our recommendation and personalization engines, each student using our system is offered resources adapted to suit his/her individual needs. This means every lesson and every assignment can be tailored to the needs of every single student. A teacher can then simply view student progress, and intervene at will. Personalized instruction has never been so easy!

Create Lessons

Create engaging, standard-aligned lessons in minutes, and adapt them to every learner.

As we understand the difficulty teachers face every day in planning and preparing classes, Fishtree’s next generation system allows you to create lessons easily and quickly, from any location, at any time. Using the system’s built-in lesson planner, you can create a lesson using the most relevant and interactive resources, all located in one place. You can then pick and choose the content to be included, add your own instruction, include automatically-generated assessments, sit back and relax!

All of this can be done in minutes, without the hassle of trawling through other sites and textbooks. Not only this, but all lessons created using Fishtree are automatically aligned to standards such as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), meaning less time is spent struggling to find the right content that integrates the right standards, Fishtree works for you.

Integrate Technology

An easy solution to integrate technology in your classroom.

While we acknowledge the benefits of integrating technology in education, we also understand the obstacles that teachers and administrators face in implementing a safe and simple digital learning environment. Fishtree provides teachers with an easy-to-use system that brings technology into the classroom in a whole new way. Using our time-saving platform, you can create and deliver dynamic, personalized lessons, collaborate and interact with students safely and easily, monitor student progress consistently, and access all of this using any device, anywhere, at any time.

We make the transition process as easy as possible for teachers, eliminating safety concerns and providing everything you need to create a digital learning environment in one place. Fishtree connects easily to your LMS, SIS, and interactive gradebook, even offering single sign-on capability. It really does bring it all together.

Access Resources

Access the best resources, tailored to your lesson.

Fishtree offers teachers the most relevant, interactive, and engaging resources from the best possible sources. While creating a lesson with our system, we recommend resources for you from our dynamic content library, according to the learning objectives outlined. These resources include the best articles, videos, podcasts, and even real-time media specifically tailored to your lesson. You can also search the web manually using our search engine which provides you with every online resource necessary to make your lesson as engaging as possible. And if that doesn’t do it, we even provide you with access to shared lessons, already created by teachers for teachers, that you can use and reuse in any learning environment.

Resources in Fishtree are automatically levelled for grade, reading level and relevance and are personalized using our powerful, patent pending software.

Engage Students

Engage every single student easily and effectively.

Fishtree’s platform is aimed at empowering every teacher and engaging every learner. We do this by providing teachers with the necessary resources to make lessons as dynamic, interactive, collaborative, and engaging as possible. We provide you with the best content available on the web, including video and real-time resources, while allowing you to add your own. Not only this, in our attempts to personalize every lesson for each student, all learners are provided with the specific resources they need to succeed through our highly intelligent software.

This ensures all students are challenged to the best of their ability and every single student is engaged. Even if you want to indulge in flipped, blended or mobile learning to ensure student engagement, Fishtree provides you with the necessary tools to implement the most effective digital learning environments. Through the independence of reaching targets by themselves and the novelty of collaborating through social media, student engagement and retention is quickly achieved, and easily maintained.

Manage Students and Lessons

Manage your students and lessons easily.

Effectively managing your students and lessons is a challenging and time-consuming task for any teacher. At Fishtree, we believe in significantly decreasing the teacher workload so that more time and attention can be focused on student productivity. For this reason, we created a management platform that requires little maintenance and encourages high performance. Using the system, a teacher can manage multiple classes at once, store every lesson and activity specific to each class, and track and save all student activity, without the necessity for constant updates. A class is easily accessible and performance clearly mapped out for you to view, provide feedback, and also intervene at will.

While providing you with all of the basic student information, we go a step further, offering you insight into a student’s learning profile through our Learning DNA concept, which places you a step above the rest in terms of understanding and evaluating every single student.

Track Progress and Performance

Keep track of student progress and performance without the paperwork.

Fishtree’s multitasking learning platform allows teachers to keep track of student progress easily and effectively, without the necessity of creating and saving numerous activities and assessments. Using our system, a teacher can simply assign activities at the click of a button, assess without having to intervene in any way, and track progress easily by viewing student performance through clear, informative graphs and charts.

Our analytics views display progress and performance through clear visual aids, outlining where exactly a student is in terms of reaching the desired learning objectives. The system then allows you to intervene at the click of a button, automatically saves student portfolios, and even provides you with a tool to contact a students directly concerning their progress. We have taken the gradebook and student reports to a new level of interactivity.


Make the reassessment process simple and easy.

Ensuring no student gets left behind is no easy feat. Providing the most effective reassessment that suits every single student is even more challenging. Fishtree recognizes the necessity of reassessment and feedback as a means of ensuring all students are challenged to the best of their ability. For this reason, if a student is not reaching the specified learning objectives, a teacher can intervene and reassess at will, with one click.

A student is then re-assessed according to his/her specific learning needs and new, personalized resources are generated. This ensures all students reach their learning objectives at their own pace, while giving the teacher more control and making the reassessment process as simple as possible.


Integrate effective collaboration in your teaching.

We all know the benefits of effective collaboration and peer feedback. Working as part of a focused, collaborative team teaches students the benefits of teamwork and the power of collaboration as a whole. Through Fishtree’s social stream feature, students are encouraged to cooperate and collaborate outside the classroom using a social media-based application. Teachers, students and peers can collaborate with one another in real-time, easily and productively, using Fishtree to share resources, exchange ideas, and discuss the concepts central to each lesson.

Our collaboration feature also encourages positive and safe social media interaction for education purposes, promoting mutual respect and responsibility as central to online activity of all kinds, as teachers have the ability to monitor all student activity simply by accessing the system.

Professional Development

Further your professional development with Fishtree.

As teachers are continuously looking to engage in further training and development, our system was created specifically to meet these needs. Our easy-to-use interface provides teachers with the ideal digital platform for professional development, offering a perfect learning environment for flipped, blended or mobile learning.

Teachers can indulge in digital learning and integrate social media in their teaching easily using the Fishtree platform, with a skilled team of experts ready to meet the needs of any teacher using the system.



Building an adaptive, digital learning environment for your school has never been easier. We help schools to unlock their full potential bringing personalized instruction to every classroom.

Personalized and Adaptive Instruction

Make your school an adaptive learning environment.

Adaptive and personalized instruction are moving swiftly to the forefront of our education system. Schools and colleges around the world are being urged to engage in the personalization process as its significance and effectiveness in the education process gains global recognition. Fishtree’s system was created in an effort to make every learning environment adaptive, making the personalization a process as simple as possible.

Our platform personalizes every lesson according to each student’s specific learning criteria using the most intelligent recommendation and personalization engines. Lessons and assignments are personalized at the click of a button ensuring all students are challenged to the best of their ability, without adding to the workload of the teacher. Building an adaptive, digital learning environment for your school has never been easier.

Technology Integration

Successfully integrate technology in your school using our next generation platform.

Schools around the world are continuously struggling to successfully integrate technology. Yet, with our education systems placing further emphasis on the importance of education technology and digital literacy, schools cannot afford to get left behind.

Through our user-friendly and cost-effective system, teachers can integrate technology in their classrooms easily and effectively, encouraging a whole-school collaborative movement to 21st century education. Fishtree allows you to create a controlled, digital learning environment using a safe and reliable system that even works with your current infrastructure such as Learning Management Systems in an attempt to make the transition as simple as possible. We help schools to build and maintain a collaborative and adaptive digital workspace that works for administrators, teachers and students.

OER, Real-Time & Publisher Content

Save money and go digital!

Fishtree’s system provides schools and colleges with the best open education resources (OER), real-time and publisher content. In order to make finding resources as easy as possible, we offer content that is adapted to suit a particular age group, personalized to suit every learner, and accessible by faculty and students on any device at any time, all of which is delivered through a user-friendly interface.

Not only does our system provide the best content all from one place, we also offer the most relevant resources, specifically tailored to each lesson in an effort to personalize all content and deliver the most engaging and dynamic lessons that a school can offer. Fishtree can save time and money in relation to content by providing dynamic resources instantly, from one location, personalized to suit every learner.

Curriculum Planning and Management

Engage in easy, affordable and effective curriculum planning and management.

Fishtree’s learning platform allows schools to engage in effective curriculum planning and management easily. Using our system, a school community can collaborate and create content easily in a combined effort to build an engaging, dynamic, technology-integrated curriculum that is easily managed.

Fishtree allows you to create content and courses using extensive resources including publisher content, real-time media and open education resources, automatically aligned to standards such as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and to manage this content easily through powerful analytics. Our system provides you with a digital learning environment that meets the needs of every single student, while decreasing the workload for teachers.

Standard-Aligned Curriculum

Save your school time and money by providing standard-aligned content at the click of a button.

Many schools are struggling to find the best and most relevant resources that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Providing the most adaptive and interactive content that aligns to each standard is both time-consuming and costly. What if your school could provide personalized content from a range of sources available in various modes that is automatically standard-aligned? This would eliminate the added concern that standards are not being met according to state regulations, while ensuring each student receives the best possible education to suit his/her needs.

This is exactly what Fishtree offers in a joint effort to ensure that schools work collaboratively to meet state standards, buying time for educators to focus further on the needs of individual students.

Safe and Easy Collaboration

Encourage safe and positive collaboration among teachers and students.

Fishtree delivers the power of effective collaboration. Safe and easy collaboration engines were built into our system in order to provide students and teachers with an interactive, open collaborative platform. Using Fishtree’s social stream feature, students can exchange and share ideas and resources in real-time, discuss concepts delivered in class, and create shareable notes based on lessons.

All activity is then easily monitored by the teacher or instructor, who can then get involved in the conversations and message students directly concerning assignments. This ensures that students collaborate safely in a digital environment while giving teachers an insight into student activity and providing instant feedback.

Project-Based Learning

Make project-based learning more efficient and easily monitored.

As our education system moves further towards project-based learning, the task of monitoring student activity and tracking performance effectively is proving a challenge. The Fishtree platform was designed with project-based learning in mind, providing collaboration engines, instant feedback and powerful analytics as a means of ensuring all student activity is monitored easily.

Teachers can view student progress instantly, intervene at the click of a button, and observe student interaction through social stream as projects are being completed. The grading process is also made easy as teachers are notified once a project is completed, allowing them to grade and provide feedback instantly. Fishtree also provides an ideal platform for flipped, blended or mobile learning.

Competency-Based Education

Create a competency-based learning environment for your students.

With more schools and colleges moving towards competency-based education, the pressure is on for schools to make the transition. Schools are witnessing rapid change and increased student engagement through this flexible approach to instruction. Fishtree allows schools to indulge in competency-based education as students are encouraged to work at their own pace, outside the classroom, mastering skills through their own personalized resources and assessments.

Teachers can then intervene at will, easily awarding students credit once mastery of skills has been adequately demonstrated. With competency-based education we can enable students to master skills at their own pace, and Fishtree can make your school’s transition both simple and effective.

Learning Analytics

View student progress and performance through powerful analytics.

Fishtree’s next generation learning platform gives you access to powerful analytics that track student progress and performance clearly and effectively. Through the display of beautiful visual aids such as graphs and diagrams, educators can view a student’s progress, and remediate, grade and offer feedback instantly. Each student’s performance is continuously tracked through the system, collecting clear, precise data for administration purposes.

Student learning is carried out on a personalized basis, allowing all students to work at their own pace, yet ensuring teachers are continuously updated and informed regarding performance. Fishtree then brings together all resources and data and presents a single clear view for teacher, student and administrator. Our in-depth graphs and charts provide you with clear information surrounding the progress and performance of every single class.

Student Achievement

Boost student learning and achievement using the next generation platform.

Student learning and achievement is central to Fishtree’s aim. Through our next generation learning platform, learning and achievement is boosted through increased student engagement, collaboration, personalization, and analytics as school communities build a digital learning environment that provides for every student. By integrating technology, a school can significantly improve student achievement with adaptive learning and digital literacy.

With a clearer and simplified view of student progress, access to the best possible resources and an easy and efficient lesson planner, teachers are empowered and enabled to focus on individual student achievement, ensuring the process is consistent and continuous. Fishtree allows schools and colleges to unlock their full potential as the needs of every single student are easily recognized, and realized.


Build an adaptive infrastructure for your school.

Fishtree believes in empowering schools and making every learning environment adaptive. For this reason, we are working with local partners in a combined effort to help schools move towards 21st century education in a comfortable and simplified environment. As a next generation cloud-based platform, we make the transition to digital instruction as easy and affordable as possible, working in conjunction with current infrastructures such as Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) or Student Information Systems (SIS’s). Our system is available on any device or platform, making it easy for schools to integrate concepts such as Mobile Learning and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Higher Education

Higher Education

Fishtree combines powerful analytics with engaging collaboration and personalization engines. These are specifically aimed at tailoring the learning experience to suit every individual and preparing them for success, no matter what their next step in life might be.


With increasing focus on the cost of instructional materials for higher education, wouldn’t it be nice to know which of your subscription resources are being used effectively? Fishtree’s powerful analytics engines can provide at-a-glance data for instructors and administrators around content usage and engagement, instantly clarifying the value of any content expenditure, as well as providing insight into whether it’s effective at meeting learning objectives. Fishtree gives access to millions of open education resources (OER) and even real-time media to keep the learning dynamic.

Workforce Training

Today’s workforce demands highly skilled workers. Training requires time and resources, making employers and prospective employees eager to find rapid, effective training solutions that prepare today’s workforce for the demands of the 21st century economy. Fishtree provides engaging, outcome-focused instructional tools for workforce and professional training programs to help ensure students get the focused instruction they need, in a personalized and timely manner.


Many students end up dropping out of their postsecondary program prior to completion, often for lack of the foundational academic skills necessary to succeed. Fishtree provides students with the data to take control of their own education, while also providing instructors and administrators early visibility into students who may be at risk of dropping out because of academic or other challenges. Through its adaptive learning engines, Fishtree provides students and instructors the opportunity to quickly address shortcomings before they become greater risks to completion, providing early warning around learning outcomes that could signal that a student is at risk.


Progress toward a degree or certificate is among the powerful indicators of postsecondary success, so when a student begins to falter, for any reason, the likelihood of them completing their program of study can erode quickly unless addressed in a meaningful way. Fishtree provides the data, analytics, instructional and collaborative tools to reach students at any point in their instruction, and can provide early warning signals to instructors and administrators focused on driving stronger retention and outcomes.


One of the challenges facing any college or university is the hassle of operating multiple systems. Fishtree provides simple, REST-based integrations with existing systems to ensure as painless an implementation as possible - in some cases users can be up and running in minutes (or seconds, if you’re really quick!). Our approach to systems integration is collaborative, open, and flexible, to deliver the solution you need, in a way that fits your organization objective.

Dynamic and Adaptive Instruction

Today’s technology-driven instructional environment requires more than digital text to engage students. Fishtree provides instructors, course designers, and administrators with the tools to create richly engaging instructional experiences in a dynamic and adaptive framework. Fishtree also provides students access to adaptive resources suited to their unique individual needs without requiring an instructor to spend multiple hours defining the adaptive experience.


In resource-constrained times like these, institutions increasingly rely on data to drive better decision-making. To be effective, data need to be clear, informative, and actionable. Fishtree supports this demand for better information by providing extensive reporting capabilities on all aspects of use and engagement within the platform, from course and learning resource-level detail, to enterprise-wide reports to identify key trends, obstacles, or opportunities for organizational efficiencies.

Whether you want to know how a student is doing, or how much time was spent with a particular publisher’s content, Fishtree can provide the detailed data you need to take action.

Competency Based Education

Higher education is changing rapidly, from prior learning assessments to competency-based education and the rapid growth of online programs, today’s higher education student expects a 21st-century learning experience. Fishtree provides the next-generation of learning experience, combining powerful adaptive learning solutions with robust collaboration and social engagement tools to provide a competency-based learning solution.

Fishtree links content directly to selected learning outcomes and objectives and provides students with real-time content recommendations powered by their own unique Learning DNA. This gives our students a personalized learning experience based on their own unique needs as learners. Our adaptive engines can work within any set of learning objectives, taxonomies, or content structures, directing students to the material that will be most useful for them to demonstrate the required competencies to be awarded credit, while also providing the transparency higher education institutions need to work with accreditors and regulatory bodies when awarding competency-based credit.



The company is continuously expanding its global network with partners in the United States, China, Southern Africa, the Middle East, Ireland, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Korea, having most recently signed a strategic alliance with South Korea Telecom, Korea’s leading telecommunications company. Our standard-aligned system has been translated into a number of languages including Mandarin Chinese, Latin American Spanish, and Korean amongst others. We help our partners deliver personalized experiences for their users, with an easy to deploy API we plug into LMS, SIS, assessment and reporting engines.

Technology Partners

Considering the growing emphasis being placed on adaptive and personalized learning, our goal is to make every infrastructure adaptive, which has been made possible through our recent launch of an Application Programming Interface (API). Through this API, our system integrates easily with any infrastructure, including Learning Management Systems and other software to allow for personalized instruction from any domain, without the necessity for educators to invest in a new system.

By working together, we believe that learning environments can be taken to the next level, and provide a focal point for technology integration within educational institutions around the world. As a result of this API function, we have partnered up with some of the world’s leading LMS’s to further our mission of making every learning platform adaptive.


Fishtree believes in delivering the most trusted content to educators. For this reason, we work with some of the world’s leading publishers that educators know and trust to enhance the learning experience, and maintain a sense of security. Our system has a number of benefits for publishers as it ensures that all content is automatically aligned to state standards such as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), it provides unlimited access to content through its mobile capabilities, all content delivered through the platform is automatically adapted to reading level, it personalizes content to suit every single student, it is available in multiple modes, and it offers the most incredible user experience.

By working together with the most intuitive software on the market, publishers can extensively expand their reach, and provide consumers with the tools to succeed in facilitating 21st century learning.


Fishtree’s mobile capability means it works with almost every portable device. With this function, key trends in education such as Mobile Learning and BYOD are facilitated, further encouraging technology integration in education. By enabling educators to engage in the most incredible personalized and adaptive instruction experience, the use of mobile devices for learning is further encouraged. Lack of a sense of security is often what contributes to the reluctance for educators to invest in mobile learning.

The award-winning mobile platform provides a sense of security that educators are teaching in accordance to state standards, while saving them a significant amount of time carrying out administrative duties. Fishtree is working together with some of the world’s leading PC and tablet companies to further the movement of technology integration in education, with the aim of making every learning environment digital, and adaptive.


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Learning is at the center of what we do

Current openings:

Full Stack Software Engineer

Interested in APIs, microservices, data, and massively scaling a system across five continents? At Fishtree you will be part of a high-impact team working on technical challenges that span the entire stack - from distributed microservices to fluid and responsive single-page applications. We ship high quality features at pace, typically interfacing with all of the following:

What we'd like:


To apply for this position please email us at and don't for forget to attach your CV.

Company Story

Fishtree’s award-winning, adaptive learning platform is focused around empowering educators, engaging students and creating a collaborative community of learning. Through the use of powerful analytics, personalization engines, and collaboration features, we help deliver the most effective education solutions.

At Fishtree, we believe in the power of personalized learning as the most effective tool for unlocking student potential. Our adaptive learning environment works in conjunction with other learning management systems to create beautiful, standard-aligned, personalized lessons easily using the best publisher open-education and real-time resources.

Our dynamic team is made up of some of the most innovative senior education technology professionals, with a dedication to providing the most user-friendly, collaborative, engaging and adaptive system on the market. The company is continuously expanding its global network with partners in the United States, China, Southern Africa, the Middle East, Ireland, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Korea, having most recently signed a strategic alliance with South Korea Telecom, Korea’s leading telecommunications company. Our standard-aligned system has been translated into a number of languages including Mandarin Chinese, Latin American Spanish, and Korean, amongst others.

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It's Good to be Different

Fishtree's award winning platform makes every learning environment adaptive, allows lessons to be created easily from millions of resources, aligned to competencies or standards and personalized for every learner.

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What is Fishtree?

Fishtree is the 21st century learning platform that solves the problem of scaling one-to-one instruction. As an adaptive system, we believe it’s good to be different. For this reason, we created the most innovative personalization platform that combines standard-aligned resources and social media-based tools with world-class analytics to save teachers time, and help students learn. It’s simple, mobile, secure, and fun! We work with leading education technology providers to make every learning environment adaptive, and every learning experience personal.

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Fishtree is aimed at empowering every teacher and engaging every learner. We understand the pressures teachers and schools face in their efforts to reach every single student. With this in mind, we built a system specifically designed to save teachers time, and to make learning personal. Our learning platform ensures that no student gets left behind, and that one-to-one instruction takes place in every single classroom.

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Fishtree helps schools to unlock their full potential bringing personalized instruction to every classroom. We provide an adaptive learning platform that equips schools with the necessary tools to successfully integrate technology and personalize learning easily and effectively.

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Higher Education

Higher education students expect a 21st century learning experience that integrates technology. At the same time, instructors need a flexible, easy-to-use platform to manage their courses. For this reason, Fishtree came up with a solution to providing personalized instruction to all students, through an adaptive system that supports blended, competency-based, self-paced, and virtually any other learning environment.

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Fishtree’s global mission is focused on bringing personalization to the masses. We do this by allowing every learning environment to be one that can adapt to the needs of every teacher, instructor and students. We have formed partnerships around the world delivering our message that scaling one-to-one instruction is possible. Our dynamic team is made up of some of the most innovative senior education technology professionals, with a dedication to providing the most user-friendly, collaborative, engaging and adaptive system on the market.

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If a district is looking to create more of a blended learning environment, this is an easy go-to solution because it automatically feeds in all the resources a teacher would need to share with his/her students.

Dyane, Instructional Technology Coach, Kansas

Overall, Fishtree is a great way to help students learn as well as a quick and easy tool for teachers. The amount of time I spend planning and student achievement are always two things I’m looking to improve. Fishtree has allowed both.

Jennifer D., 3rd Grade Teacher, Public School, South Carolina

I see Fishtree being a big help in the transformation of flipping a classroom and helping a school be able to reach their students in a way that relates to the students and gives them what they want and need for education.

Josh, 3rd Grade Teacher, Vermont

The adaptive feature is what sets Fishtree apart from all the rest in that you are providing adaptive learning in an interface that is mobile, it’s content-driven, you can really drive instruction from it, it gives the possibility of going to a paperless, digital textbook.

Robert, Director of Technology, Kansas

We selected Fishtree for our personalized learning platform because we felt that it was personalized for students in a way that students could really be able to connect with the work that they’re doing, and take it home.

Oscar, Headmaster, Massachusetts


See how your school can save time managing all teaching and learning activities in one place. With your complimentary demo, your school can start using Fishtree’s tools right now to:

  • Save time and cut costs.
  • Easily create and share standards-aligned lesson plans.
  • Personalize lessons to each student using Fishtree’s Analytics and Content Engine.
  • Manage all classroom activities as lessons, assignments, assessments and reporting in one place.

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Fishtree Ltd,
Fumbally Square,
Fumbally Lane,
Dublin 8,
Republic of Ireland